CHAM 2019

McKinsey & Company
With McKinsey since 1997, Thomas London leads McKinsey’s Healthcare Practice in France. He is a member of the leadership team of the European Health Practice.
He has worked for a wide range of healthcare clients across diverse issues, including :
- Supporting many hospitals across Europe and the Middle East in their efforts to evolve their strategies and improve performance,
- Designing many national healthcare policies (incl. on AMC governance, hospital performance, biomedical research, eHealth, healthcare cost containment, Open Data, hospital IT, etc.),
- Supporting bio-pharma and medical device companies in strategy development and performance improvement efforts

He also is President of the Healthcare Data Institute, regularly contributes to leading think-tanks including the Institut Montaigne, and has been appointed to the Comité Action Publique 2022 in charge of proposing public sector reforms in France
He holds an Ingénieur degree from Ecole Centrale de Paris, a Master of Science from M.I.T. and an MBA from INSEAD.