CHAM 2019

Shanghai Xuhui Cloud Hospital
Fu Zhu, Executive Director of Xuhui Hospital, Shanghai Xuhui District Central Hospital/Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University. Cardiovascular chief physician and professor,Doctoral tutor;Master of Medicine, West China Medical University;MBA, royal university of canada. He has been engaged in cardiology for more than 30 years and has completed a large number of coronary pacing operations;Nearly 60 articles published in core journals,lead Cardiology Department to Become a Key Specialist in Shanghai. The discipline has published more than 20 SCI papers and accumulated 47 points in influencing factors.
Editor-in-chief and write of six monographs, including “Shanghai Xuhui Yun Hospital”, “Clinical Telecardiology Monitoring”, and “Handbook for Presidents of County and City Hospitals in China-Information Construction”.Presided over 8 national and Shanghai municipal projects. Won the third prize of Shanghai technological invention in 2015; "Xu Hui Zhiyun Hospital Construction and Medical Health Model Innovation" Project Won the Second Prize of Shanghai Medical Science and Technology in 2018.
15 Years of Exploration and Practice in Intelligent Medical Field, Won the major projects of the Wu Jieping Medical Foundation of the National Health and Health Commission and the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission. It has won a major project from the State Health and Planning Commission. In 2015, the first intelligent medical platform in China, "Shanghai Xuhui Yun Hospital", was officially launched. With the latest information-based intelligent technology as a means, it has created a "video doctor-watching" mode, which seamlessly and synchronously connects offline medical services with online ones, creating a new medical mode of "hospital+Internet" with "doctors without boundaries and patients without boundaries".
As the executive vice-chairman of the National Association for Telecardiology and Chronic Diseases;Part-time Professor of School of Software, Fudan University and Shanghai university and Jiangsu University