CHAM 2019

James Loïc GEORGES
意大利San Donato 医院集团国际合作中心主任 (意)
Gruppo San Donato

Mr.James Loïc GEORGES is the Head of International Business & Advisor to the President of Gruppo San Donato.

Gruppo San Donato (since 1957) is by far Italy's Leading Private Hospital Group, is composed with the Italian top 3 University & Research hospitals, 16 General Hospitals, 6 outpatient clinics & 16 dental clinics, with over 5560 beds, more than 5700 specialist physicians & 4.7 million patients treated in 2018.

It is the very Premier Provider of Health Services at all levels of care in all specialties for the Italian NHS, which is among the Global Top-Ranked Health Systems for Quality and Accessibility ( Bloomberg, 2018) GSD's Unique Model puts the Patient's Well-Being at the Center by combining Clinical, Academic & Research excellencies to provide the Best Tailor-made Care, Today, for Everyone.