CHAM 2017

Managing Director, Klesia group
Christian Schmidt de La BRELIE is graduated from the Institute of preparation for the administration and management (IPAG).
He began his career in insurance and pension funds within the AXA Group. He was appointed head of Control Management of the Bayard Prévoyance.
From 1997 to 2005, he joined AG2R group as Director of management control, audit and accounting, he was member of the management committee.
In 2005, Christian Schmidt de La BRELIE was appointed CEO of group D & O. This was the result of the merger of two groups, Dumas and OREPA which was experiencing a serious crisis of governance. He managed to appease the company, by implementing a five-year plan that allowed the group to be certified ISO 9001 and to double its earnings in the competitive sector of insurance. With these results, he can initiate the negotiations to conduct the merger between D & O and the Mornay group.
This merger leads to the creation in July 2012 of the Klesia group of which Christian Schmidt de La Brelie is appointed CEO. Since 2014 he has also been CEO of Fédération mutualiste parisienne (FMP), Mutuelle Civile de la Défense (2016) and KLESIA Mut’ (2017).
Klesia is a group of 3500 employees, which insures 300 000 companies in France.