CHAM 2017

Jacqueline HUBERT
Managing Director, CHU Grenoble
Jacqueline HUBERT is CEO of the Teaching hospital of Grenoble (CHUGA) since January 2013.
Graduated from the School of Higher Studies in Public Health (EHESP), major in Hospital Management , she holds a Master degree in Political Studies: «Public Health Policies». 
Jacqueline Hubert spent over 15 years at the Rennes University Hospital (1990-2005), successively director of clinical research, various Chief Financial Officer (CFO) positions across the campus, and finally in charge of coordinating clinical and medical-technical centers.
She then moved to Nantes to lead the well known clinic «Jules Vernes» specialized in Surgery and owned by the «Mutuelle Harmonie Group» for 4 years. Moreover she served as Managing Director of the group’s 6 clinics in the Pays de la Loire during 3 years.
In November 2014, she was entrusted by the French Health Minister to revamp the French Hospitals territorial map and engage on an ambitious governance 2 years - mission (GHT) for converting over 1000 hospital entities into 135 Health regional hubs.