CHAM 2016

President, Sigvaris; President, Urban Community of Loire Forez

Alain Berthéas is the CEO of SIGVARIS France, which specialises in designing and manufacturing compression garments. Today, it ranks number one in France.

After studying textile engineering, he joined the family company – which went under the name of TEF   (Tricotage Elastique du Forez) at the time – in 1980. Over the years, Alain Berthéas occupied various technical, product development and commercial positions before becoming company CEO in 1990.

Motivated by the desire to see the company grow, he entered into strategic negotiations with a Swiss group GANZONI which resulted in the creation of GANZONI France SA in 1996. He became head of the French subsidiary in 2001 with responsibility for certain European markets. Both sales figures and headcount have more than tripled since he took the helm of SIGVARIS which changed name in 2011, testifying to the company’s considerable success in both economic and human terms. With over 800 employees, SIGVARIS today counts among the flagship intermediate-sized enterprises of its region and of the French textile industry as a whole.

This excellent corporate performance prompted Alain Berthéas to take a keen interest in local issues and take on an economic role in parallel to his company leadership.

He was elected President of the Loire Forez Urban Community (Communauté d'Agglomération de Loire Forez) in 2008 and is currently in his second term of office.