CHAM 2016

Deputy of Haute Savoie, Former President, the Assemblée Nationale

Member of the French parliament and former president of the Assemblée Nationale. Medical doctor otorhinolaryngologist Intern in Grenoble hospitals (1970), Assistant Chief Resident of Medicine at Grenoble (1976), hospital doctor of otorhinolaryngology (ENT) since 1978, part-time Department Head at Annecy Hospital, member of medical societies; Mayor of Annecy le Vieux since 1989. General Advisor of Haute Savoie (1992-1998), Representative of Haute Savoie since 1993, President of the Council of Supervision of National Health Insurance for Salaried Workers (CNAM 2002-2004). President of the UMP group in French National Assembly (2004 to 2007), President of the French National Assembly from (2007 to june 2012).