CHAM 2016

Laurent DEGOS
Honoured Professor, Paris-Diderot University; Member, the National Academy of Medicine

MD, PhD, Graduate of Harvard School of Health

Emeritus professor of Medicine (Hematology) University ParisVII -Denis Diderot

Member of the High council for the future of National Health Insurance

Vice President of the board of Pasteur Institute

Member of the Scientific Panel for Health of the European Commission

Member of the High Level Reflecting Group on health system of OECD

President of the scientific council of the Sino French Foundation for Sciences and Applications

First and past President of the Haute Autorité de Santé Board (until end of December, 2010)

Past Director of University Research Institute of Hematlogy and of the National Graduate School of Biology and Biotechnology and head of the clinical department of Hematology (Hopital Saint Louis)

Past President of the French Medicine Agency and of the French Transplantation Agency