CHAM 2016

Olivier VERAN
Neurologist, CHU Grenoble; Former Deputy of Isère, the Assemblée Nationale
Hospital doctor, he works as a neurologist at the University Hospital of Grenoble-La Tronche. He graduated from
SciencesPo Paris in economics and health policy. He took a course in the union and associations (including senior hospital doctors Grenoble, spokesman of the National InterSyndicat Interns Hospitals, and since 2012, he is elected as counselor licensee to county medical association of Isère). During the presidential campaign in 2012, he became involved in politics for the Socialist party. Substitute member of Genevieve Fioraso (appointed Minister of Higher Education and Research) in the legislative elections of June 2012, he was a deputy from July 2012 to April 2015.