CHAM 2016

Claude LE PEN
Professor of Health Economics, Paris-Dauphine University
Graduate of HEC, and PhD in Epistemology and History of Economic Thought, as well as doctor of economic science, with a national qualification in Economics and Management, Claude Le Pen is a professor of economic science at Paris Dauphine University. He is currently head of the Masters program in Economics and Health Administration. He is a member of several academic societies, the chairman of the College of French Health Economists and presides over many councils and commissions. He is the author of more than two hundred scientific articles on Health economics issues and many works including « Santé : tout change (Health : Everything Changes)» by Fayard Publishing. He is the economic advisor to IMS-Health, a world leader in health information, and he regularly takes part in print and audiovisual media on healthrelated topics. He is a member of the Cercle Santé Société.