CHAM 2016

Philippe TCHENG
Vice President Government Relations France, Sanofi
Vice president Government Relations France, Sanofi. Philippe and his team’s responsibilities involve managing relations with the Government, administrations, members of parliament, local authorities and trade associations. He is member of the Board of directors and president of the Economic Affairs Committee of the LEEM - Les Entreprises du Médicament (equivalent in France to Phrma in the US, or the EFPIA in Europe). He is also president of the Board of Directors of the GIE GERS that provides reference market data on pharmaceuticals to Health Authorities. Since 2009, Philippe is co-Secretary of the Strategic Council for Health Industries (CSIS), under the authority of the Prime Minister.

The 7th meeting of this Council was held on April 11th 2016, strengthening government-industry dialogue and produced 14 measures particularly focused on “facilitating patient access to innovation” and “developing clinical research and opening access to health data”.

Philippe Tcheng chaired the Strategic Committee of the InnoBio Fund in 2011. This 170 M€ fund (out of which 25 M€ are from Sanofi) dedicated to investments in biotechnology, was created in 2009 during the 4th Strategic Council of Health Industries. Philippe is a doctor in Medicine, former Paris Hospital intern, specialised in heart and blood vessels diseases and a Member of the French Society of Cardiology. He holds a degree from « L’Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris » (ESCP), a French Business School. Philippe Tcheng was appointed Knight of the French National Order of Merit in 2012.