CHAM 2016

Elisabeth HUBERT
President, FNEHAD ; Former Minister
Elisabeth Hubert is currently the volunteer president of the National Federation of institutions of home hospitalization (FNEHAD) since 2006. She also presides over the administrative association of HAD in the region of Nantes. She has sat since 2006 on the High Council for the Future of Health Insurance and in 2007 created HAD France. Dr. Elisabeth Hubert is an administrator for LFB and TCL Pharma, and a member of the High Council of Evaluation of the Military Condition since 2007.
She was formerly an auditor at the 56th session of IHEDN. She was Minister of Health and of Health Insurance in 1995, worked with the President of the Republic from 1996-97, as a representative of the Loire-Atlantique region from 1986-1995, and municipal advisor of Nantes from 1983-2001. In 2010 she led a mission on medical outreach and wrote a report to reaffirm the value of general practice. With an MD degree in 1981, and a founding member of UNOF, Dr Hubert practiced general medicine in Nantes from 1981 until 1994 and took on a variety of responsibilities within the CSMF physician’s union.

In 1997, Elisabeth Hubert re-entered the business world as the General Manager France for Fournier Laboratories, during a period when she was also a member of the Board and Executive Bureau for the French pharmaceutical companies association (LEEM). After she left the pharmaceutical industry, she created ALIAGIS, a strategic and organizational consultancy for health care institutions. She is a member of the Cercle Santé Société.