CHAM 2016

Writer, Ambassador, Institut Pasteur ; Member, French Academy
After studying philosophy and political science (Sciences Po Paris), Erik Orsenna chooses economics. Returning to England (London School of Economics), he published his first novel at the same time he became the state doctor. Raymond Barre chairs its board. After eleven years of research and teaching in the field of international finance and development economics (University of Paris I, ENS).
In 1981, he joined the team of Jean-Pierre Cot, Minister for Cooperation. He is in charge of raw materials and multilateral negotiations. Two years later, he joined the Elysee as a cultural adviser to François Mitterrand (writer and drafts of her junior speech).

In the 1990s, with Roland Dumas, Minister of Foreign Affairs, he will process on democratization in Africa and relations between Southern Europe and North Africa. Meanwhile, he left the University to enter, in December 1985, the Council of State. Today State Councillor.

Alongside these administrative activities, he wrote seven novels, including «La vie comme à Lausanne» price Roger Nimier 1978 and «L’exposition coloniale» Prix Goncourt in 1988. He chairs the Center of the Sea (Royal rope at Rochefort) and was elected to the French Academy, in May 28, 1998, at the chair of Jacques-Yves Cousteau (17th chair).