CHAM 2019

法国 Saint-Etienne大学医院心血管外科专家,教授,法国心胸外科协会主席 (法)
Jean-Noël Albertini is a 50 year old academic vascular surgeon. He was appointed as a professor of vascular surgery at Saint-Etienne University in 2009 and became chief of the department of cardiovascular surgery in 2012. Original research collaboration was setup some ten years ago with Professor Stéphane Avril, who heads the Center for Health Engineering of Mines Saint-Etienne. Since then, the purpose of this collaboration has been to better understand biomechanical properties of the cardiovascular system, as well as behavior of the devices used for interventions. Whilst academic research had reached its goals, it was decided to create PrediSurge, a start-up company dedicated to develop and bring to the market software solutions for pre-operative planning and augmented visualization during interventional cardiovascular procedures. Today, PrediSurge has 12 employees and a fast-growing expertise in the field of aortic devices and mitral disease simulation. Great interest is shown from physicians, medical device and imaging companies, as well as public and private investors.