CHAM 2019

法国国家公共卫生管理局局长 (法)
Benoît Péricard dedicated his entire career to healthcare, human and social services. First as the executive founder of a regional healthcare agency where he conducted a broad restructuration of the local healthcare offer and then as the CEO of the general hospital of Nancy. He joined KPMG France in 2008, the leading firm in audit and advisory services, as lead partner of public healthcare services.
Benoît Pericard is highly committed to community services and he chairs the nonprofit organization Le Moulin Vert (50 human and social facilities).
Benoît Pericard roots for a broad modernization of the French healthcare system notably by empowering the governance of regional healthcare authorities in order to enforce public and private cooperations. In addition, Benoît is a strong defender of a single legal practicing status for physicians whether in community services or in hospitals